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1/1 Wildfire, Dowagiac, Mi.
1/2 Local Pub, Centerville, Mi.
1/6 Hyatt, Chicago
1/7 House of Blues, Chicago
1/8 Cities Club, Los Angeles, Ca.
1/11 O'Briens Pub,Santa Monica, Ca.
1/14 House of Blues, Anaheim, Ca.
1/16 Stormcloud Brewery, Frankfort, Mi.
1/19 Red Mesa, Boyne City
1/21 Hyatt, Chicago
1/22 Paw Paw Brewery
1/24 Michigan City Library
1/28 Phyliss Music Inn, Chicago
1/29 Reggies, Chicago (5 pm)
1/29 Smokedaddy, Chicago
1/31 House of Blues, Chicago


Announcing 35th anniversary tour 2016!

Dear friends, fans and fishermen,

It is my pleasure to bring this exciting news to the schedule.
The New Year kicks off with shows at the House of Blues, Chicago, on 1/7.
Then to Citi Club of Los Angeles on 1/8, O'Briens Pub of Santa Monica 1/11,
and House of Blues in Anaheim on 1/14.
Back to Chicago then to Storm Cloud Brewery and Red Mesa in Northern Michigan.
Smokedaddy on 1/29 and House of Blues, Chicago, on 1/31.
Then it's back to the West Coast kicking off Finpalooza at Finaughtys in Snoqualmie on 2/4.
On to Nelson, Fernie, Salmon Arm and Kamlooos,BC.
Hard Rock Seattle and to the Olympic Coast, back to House of Blues on 2/29.

Thanks to everyone and keep those lines tight!!!!



Keith Scott ,celebrated blues musician,
personality has been at his craft for the last 30 years,
Originally from White Plains ,N.Y.,
he made it to college in Gainesville,Fla
where he met Muddy waters and Bo Diddley ,
With the inspiration of his music heroes he proceeded to
relocate to Chicago to pursue his musical journey,
While hanging on the scene at the
checkerboard lounge and Teresa's Keith met and jammed
with blues legends such as Buddy guy,Junior wells,
James Cotton and Little Milton , it wasn't long before he
began touring with the Jimmy Dawkins blues band performing
throughout much of the world, in Chicago Robert Plant
attended one of the shows completing his musical dreams!!
Keith currently tours,records and performs his own
brand of blues inspired music at clubs including house of blues,
hard rock cafe and festivals throughout the US and Canada.

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